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Soccer Slime is a video game designed in 2002 by Quin Pendragon. Since it was released, the game became very popular between people all around the world. The game can be played on the internet, but also on the personal computer, either against a human opponent, or an artificial intelligence. Some versions of the game offer the possibility to play Soccer Slime against two opponents.

Soccer Slime is exactly like the common soccer, but with a wall in each side and a much smaller field for play. Also, you will have only one player in each team. The duration of one match depends on your preferences. You can choose from games that last one, two, four or eight minutes.

Slime Soccer Unblocked

If you are a more competitive player, you can play Soccer Slime also in a “World Cup”, against all, by pressing the button which has this name. As a tip of playing Soccer Slime, you should know that it is not good to go on the line under your net for too long, since if you will do that, you will be pinged and your opponent will receive one extra point.

The Soccer Slime World Cup has some extra rules than the single player game. First of all, the qualifying round will be played against one of these countries: Denmark, Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, China, Croatia, Iceland, Cameroon or Belgium. It will last thirty seconds. But do not worry, if you will know how to beat them, it will not be too difficult to do this.

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Most of the beginners, try to pass trough the qualification round on Soccer Slime Unblocked by trying to get the ball since the first seconds. But, a sure solution to beat your opponents in this round is to wait for them to bring the ball to you. The most perfect position is to wait them to do this in front of your goal box, so that you will not be able to be pinged for goal hanging, but, in the same time, you will be quite close to your goal. When they will be close, just jump and it will go into the net. If you are not that good at this, try to pounce on it whenever it is in the air. Unlike you, your Soccer Slime opponent does not have any tricks and tips in his sleeve.

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If you passed successfully trough the qualifying round and you have gained it against your opponent, the next level in Soccer Slime Unblocked is to go in the quarter finals. In this round you will have better opponents, such as Ecuador, Mexico, Denmark, United States of America, France, Italy, Russia or Japan. The round will last two minutes, but you can get some extra time if this will be necessary, especially in a situation of an equal score.

Despite the opponents from the qualifying round, those from the quarter finals are a little more defensive and smarter, so you will need some extra tricks to beat them. Avoid doing the same mistake as in the previous round. Do not go after the ball, at the beginning. Instead of this, wait again, some seconds in front of your match goal. Your opponent will come and it will bring the ball to you. When this will happen, you will need to jump, again, and it will go into the net so, you will gain an extra point. If this does not work, put it on the ground with minimal or no bounce. This strategy will make him do a similar move. So, the basic idea to win at the quarter finals of Soccer Slime World Cup is to jump and repeat the movement as many times as you will can, until you will gain enough extra points to obtain a qualification. Sometimes, your opponent will hit the ball over you. At that moment you will need just to wait, until the ball will return right to you.

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As you already imagine, the next level in Soccer Slime World Cup are the semi finals. The semi finals need to be played against one of these opponents: Russia, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa or Seth Efrica, or South Korea. Of course, these opponents are even better than the previous ones, making the game to be more difficult. Their defense is very good, so you will need some extra tricks and trips to beat them. A common round at Soccer Slime World Cup semi finals lasts around two minutes, but it can be added some extra time if the situation asks for this.

To win at the Soccer Slime Unblocked World Cup semi finals you will need, again, for your opponent, to bring the ball right next to you. Do not go in front trying to catch it, this will make you loose the game. At first, this method will seem to not work, but have a little patience. You will need to do the same thing as in the quarter finals. Be careful, since this level is harder, so it will need more concentration and effort. Here you will have a second alternative. You can try to hit it up and down over your head, so your opponent will cautiously approach. At that moment, pay attention until he will get close enough. When he will be near you, you can shoot the ball as high as you can.

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The finals of Soccer Slime World Cup are hard enough to need some extra effort and new tactics. The opponent country will be one of these: South Korea, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Brazil, England or Germany. Also, you can compete against a team which has a very funny name that is Night Elves. Do not let foolish by the name, they are very strong, smart and defensive. Yet, if you know the exact tricks, winning the Soccer Slime World Cup Finals is not as hard as it should be. The round will last five minutes.

To beat the opponent from your Soccer Slime World Cup Final you will need again to wait until it will be closer enough. He will then get it and try to hit it over your head. When it will get to you, after bouncing off the wall above your goal, try to hit it forward. Usually, this method will work perfectly. Yet, if this will not be as successful as you are expecting, you can use the strategies and tricks presented at all the above levels, for sure, one of them will make you a champion at the Soccer Slime World Cup.