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One of my favorite action flash games is Dolphin Olympics 2 Unblocked, in this game you control dolphin with arrows and goal is to make eye-catching tricks. In order to gain better speed in game land your dolphin on nose go deeper in see and after navigate again to the surface and jump, while dolphin is in air you can use left and right arrows to make rotation and get extra points. Different levels can give you more opportunities such as rings, passing rings can accelerate your dolphin and you can jump higher in air doing amazing tricks.


Dolphin Olympics 2 Unblocked Free Play

Dolphin Olympics 2 is pretty relaxing game as well, relaxing sound of see and colorful interface of game can help you to rest and spend some time. People also love to see in game galaxies and different planets, in order to get such wonderful moments jump as high as possible and after couple tries you will see that your dolphin is among stars making crazy tricks such as back flip or front flip.

There is also older version of the game called Dolphin Olympics 1, difference between this two game is mainly graphics. Dolphin Olympics 2 Unblocked has far more attractive interface, then Dolphin Olympics 1, but to be honest first version can be pretty enjoyable and addicting as well as second.

Dolphin Olympics 2 Unblocked

You might wonder why are flash games so popular today, millions of millions of people play online flash games every day on different web-sites, well answer is simple flash games are fun, they can offer you colorful eye-catching objects and give you interesting levels which need brain to pass, also flash games can simple be action based where you can improve or test your reaction, for example in Dolphin Olympics 2 you can have a lots of fun and make crazy tricks with rolling dolphin and test your game play by landing on nose every time. If you fail many times at this moment you can work harder on your skill and in future make more complicated tricks.

If you want to play online Dolphin Olympics 1 or Dolphin Olympics 2 simply visit our web-page and enjoy this amazing game, also you can download both versions from our site and play this game offline as well (If you download the game it will also load faster.)