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You may already have heard many times about a game called Happy Wheels Unblocked, maybe you have even played yourself and want to enjoy it on a new device. Then this site is at your service anytime and anywhere. Happy Wheels Unblocked is a highly addictive game, mostly based on physics. It involves a character racing along in some kind of a small vehicle type of device of course with lots of gory twists getting involved.

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Soon you will understand that all the courses are very difficult as you move along the path as the racer and feel like you have all the control over his body. Despite the unrealistic graphics this game offers you, the gamer gets lots of realism. If the person playing will somehow miss an action or a turn and run into a spiked spinning pole, the racer’s guts with a lot of blood will begin flying across.

You will be grateful and maybe a little bit happy to find out that the service we offer is a great deal more advanced and fully supported than most of the demos you can find on the internet today. Particularly for you, people who seek to play this game without any problems for free, this website is the only one, that provides the full unblocked version of the game.


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Our product will give you everything this game can offer with every last bit of fun and entertainment rather than teasing you with a little bit of gameplay and leaving you wanting some more of it. When you are about to start the game, firstly you have to choose between a large variety of differently interesting courses, that include some simple obstacle courses up to the Gut Bus Extreme. You will be given many creatively named levels with different styles. This guarantees that you will never get bored playing the game.


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If you enjoy your racing game with a sweet addition of carnage during it, then Unblocked Happy Wheels is the game of your taste. With going through every single level of the game, you are given a fulfilled idea of what kind of obstacles are expected during playing Happy Wheels Unblocked.


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You select one from the vast choices given and you wait for tons of gory to happen. For instance, a large devil like creature eats you alive and the objective you have is to get out of its body as fast as possible and the most important of all – with all your limbs still attached to you. And we should warn you that it’s not as easy as you may think it is. You have to go through one hell of an actual nightmare to reach the end successfully. The next thing you have to do is of course to select the character you want to play as.


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From the demo that you are given to play you can choose one of the following characters: a businessman that is riding a Segway, an awkwardly crazy hobo who rides a rocket fueled wheelchair and a father and a son riding a bike to the actual death. Every one of the characters you choose to play with in this demo will be handled differently while going through the game with each of them having a special movement that you can control and utilize in order to gain more speed for your character.


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Finally, if you are one of those action freaks who like some gore with a lot of fun involved, then Happy Wheels Unblocked is just for your pleasure. With such an addictive and action packed game mostly you will have a really hard time not playing it all day long.